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  1. APPLICATION: IGN: CheekyDoggy Age: 16 TZ: Central Time Zone Why this server?: Because Singleplayer gets boring over time and I would like to interact with other people play pranks and not get griefed all the time. Thank you for taking your time to read this application, I would love to be apart of this small and friendly server! Thank you!
  2. I've been on the search for a private whitelisted server that I can join! Name: Jennifer Age: 11 I know what you are thinking, I am more mature than you think What Kind of Server I am Looking for: A server that we can trust everyone, We can do pranks, and the other person will not get mad So if you are the host of a private Attack of the B-Team server, reply and I will private chat with you and get those things set up. Thanks, Jennifer
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