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  1. lol, it's all good. I messaged Kooda, but this forum is the only way I know how to contact him. :[
  2. From last week? That was CreativelyAwesome when he had the server.. just that one time lol.
  3. Uggh. It's killin' me. :[ I've got genes to splice and spaceships to build!
  4. Dear Kooda. Can we please fix Galacticraft? I think you can manually update it. That also means everyone else has to update it as well. Here's a link with all 3 things needed for it. We should discuss before implementing this tho. http://ci.micdoodle8.com/job/Galacticraft/
  5. I just have to ask... how have you been playing for 8 years? The game is not even 5 years old...
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