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  1. So there is no world download coming to play it in single player? On what server do you play now Crosman?
  2. Just keep banning them, it would make everyone happy If it only where that easy Do you know an other good server like this one used to be because can't find any decent ones?
  3. So there is no chance to go back to the UMS server? single player isn't fun at all, it gets boring really fast. Why would you even want an auto-anvils when there are better tools. I would mind rollbacks if it wasn't 4 days or so, i played on this server when it went up right after attack of the B-team and now it starts crashing.. So sad, i'm not going to play Voltz so.. cya
  4. I'm with Kingwolfen on this one, Did you seriously just change the server to Voltz war server? WTF!! I patiently waited for 2 damn weeks hoping it would be resolved soon, then i got to play one day then it goes offline again and now you change it. You can at least warn us if you're going to do that kind of thing. You shouldn't have put it back online as a UMS server but straight to the Voltz and spare us the false hope. This is some serious bullshit! This was the only good server out there, calm, cool people, almost no banned mods and items.. Thanks for wasting my time, really appreciated
  5. Just a quick question, since the mod pack asked me to update the pack which was 3 days ago i can't play on the server since the server wasn't updated yet, and since i can't go back and 'un-update' the pack this is kinda lame.. so when is the server getting updated?
  6. I am having the same problem and i don't know what i need to do to fix it, any suggestions?
  7. Since the rollback i can't go online anymore, the server is up and when itty to log in is says 'internal server error' and then the server goes offline, is that just me or has someone else have the same problem? Greetings Skully Jones
  8. IGN: Skully_Jones Age: 20 Location: Belgium Why do you want to join?: I like small communities to play with and i'm looking for a good server to have fun with this awesome mod pack Do you accept the server rules?: Yes
  9. Ign(In game name):Skully_Jones Age:20 Where are you from?: Belgium (The country with the best beer in the whole world ) What do you like to build?: A sweet looking house on top of the hill What do you like to do mostly (Example:Miner, Engineer, Builder, etc)?: Explorer, Builder and Engineers Why do you want to play on this server?: It is no fun playing alone, just looking for a nice community Do you have Teamspeak? Don't even know what it is
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