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  1. Update [1-10-2015]: - Fixed the Essence Extractor XP Dupe - Fixed Artifice Box onCrafting Crash - No More Banned Items! - PvE Only Now - Keep Inventory is Now ON - /back is now given to all players
  2. IP: xcraftersh.provisionhost.com After about a year of inactivity we return to bring you a brand new Hexxit server. Now filled with fresh worlds and better patches for your enjoyment. Come and enjoy yourself to limitless fun with only no banned items and 1 banned mod that will soon be available to players on our 24/7 server. Experience gameplay with items and blocks such as storage crates, ender bows, and even microblocks. Our patches are custom made and maintained by us and are used by other servers such as Quantekk, Hex-Craft, and McConquer. The server is owned and maintained by experience java developers and have years of experience in server administration/ownership. Rules: [1] Be Respectful to Others [2] Report Problems to Staff [3] Do Not Use Profanity [4] Do Not Offend Staff [5] Griefing is Not Permitted [6] PvP is Allowed if Enabled Banned Mods: [1] Dimensional Doors - Major Lag, Risks Server Stability - Might be added after some patching. Screenshots: imgur.com/a/6Fb6L . Hope to see you soon!
  3. Update: Brand New Hub! Now contains PvE and PvP Servers More Patches for Dupes aswell! Come and Play! mc.xcrafters.com:25570
  4. It's probably due to the server being new, so new chunks will be loading for about the first week or two. Try to adapt to it until then.
  5. IP: mc.xcrafters.com:25570 Why Choose Us? We've manage to patch about 95% of the Items that have problems such as duping,crashing,etc. We have the least amount of banned items compared to any other server out there due to our custom plugins and specialized developers for these types of situations. Our server runs smoothly with the least amount of crashing compared to other servers out there. We have kind staff to help out with problems players have and fix problems which include stuff such as preventing bypassing grief protection, duping, or any other form of cheating. We work with other server owners to solve issues that players are having if it hasn't been fixed yet and all fixes come within an hour of that problem occuring. Our Rules - No Use of Hacked Clients, Cheats, etc. - No Duping (Dupers will be instantly banned) - No TPA/TP Killing - No Spamming or Advertising Non-xCrafters owned servers - No Asking for Rank, OP, Items, Money, Etc. from Staff Members - Cooperate with Staff - PvP, Griefing, and Raiding is Allowed (in PvP Server) Fixed Items/Blocks - Ender Bow - Super Tool / Magic Pickaxe - Bane of Pigs - Capsules - Bags - Storage Crates - Hooks - Emperor's Chalice - Sojourners Staff - Meteor Summoner - Staffs - Tables and More! Plugins We Use - xCraftersHexxit Used to fix dupes,crashing,etc. (Our Own Custom Plugin) - Factions (PvP) and Grief Prevention (PvE) Used to protect land and enhance the server they're used on - Essentials For all your basic commands that you'll use while on here - RandomPortals Used for TP'ing to a Random Location in ANY World that we have Screenshots of the Server [HERE] Server Specs Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 Samsung 840 Pro 120GB SSDs 32GB DDR3 RAM 1gbps uplink
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