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  1. okay, thank you for your help and time bonfire :)
  2. The whole Chunk does not disappear, only parts of it like the lower/ upper half of a tree or dirt (where i can look all the way down to the world hole). They reappear untouched. I allocated 1GB of memory for Tekkit. The server i'm playing on is a homer server by my friend but this bug does not only appear in tekkit smp but also in technic ssp and tekkit ssp. No, the movement and crafting works fine for me. I'll gladly provide you with more information if needed.
  3. nobody expierienced the same bug?
  4. Launcher/pack Version: launcher: ; Modpackbuild: 2.1.0|1.1 Rec. Build Operating System: Win Xp 32 bit Version of Java: v7.0.10.8 32 bit Description of Problem: After a while (5 to 10 minutes) parts of my chunks start to disappear and reappear like they are reloading. This also happens in tekkit ssp and technic ssp/smp. Error Messages: N/A Link to pastebin of log: (should be the latest) if you need further information please let me know