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  1. Change my name on the whitelisted list to Shadow_Nova45
  2. IGN: Shadow_Nova45 Skype: (Don't have one for gaming atm) Do you want to be in the skype group?: Maybe, not quite sure on this atm age: 15 Maturity Level 1-10: 8-10
  3. Hey mate ign: Shadow_Nova45 btw i could join argairan skies because it kept crashing :/ also could i have my Moderator rank back or do i have to earn it again?
  4. the server keeps crashing (for some unexpected reason) and i have no way to contact the owner. so right now i am going through the reasons it might be crashing and when i figure it out i will contact the owner and we can see what happens but until then the server is going to be on and off so either get on when u can or wait a little bit and see what happens and yes i am worried and all that as well. Edit: If anyone has ideas on what might be crashing the server PM me
  5. idk but i have my thoughts 1 of them being where my base is :/
  6. this pack has been recently updated to the newest version of AotBT so anyone having problems logging in and isn't using the newest update. plz update!!
  7. it uses 10.1.10b or whatever idk if ur accepted yet or not but u can try when u see this gl
  8. the server as of right now is running on the old version not the newly updated one
  9. GN: Shadow_Nova45 First Name: Morggan (yes i bloody know Morgan is a girl's name but mines spelled with 2 g's not 1) Skype: i'll tell u in a msg (don't like to give it out in public because of spammers) Age: 14 (i act older then i am) What you enjoy doing in AotBT: building and playing around with magic and science mods Most importantly write a paragraph: My favorite Cheese is Extra Sharp Cheddar. And that concludes this paragraph.
  10. Application: IGN: Shadow_Nova45 Location: USA Age: 14 Skype: have one just don't go on it often Why you want to join: i love small community servers How experienced are you at the mods: I've played AotBT for awhile now so i'm pretty much experienced with all of them. What mod are you best at: thermal expansion
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