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  1. Connect at [THIS IS A TEKKIT CLASSIC SERVER] Be sure to choose the Tekkit Classic Mod In Your Tekkit Launcher FEW BANNED ITEMS - NO WHITELIST! ----INCLUDES ALL MODS LIKE EE!---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- EE IS ENABLED ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Don't worry, EE is enabled. EE2 won't kill the challenge! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Makes Us Different? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- We Create Content Without Killing The Sandbox Environment Players rise in ranks and can eventually build their kingdom! Leaders work hand in glove with the administration. We are well staffed and very friendly. Our plugins are in constant development, as we code. Our server isn't "hosted", we own a box in a datacenter. Our economy is player run, and actually "works". We don't get boring, there is always something to do. You can solo or group play. Both have rewards. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is the Five Kingdoms? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Five Kingdoms have been around for some time now. We have gone back to out roots of Tekkit Classic! Our plugins will be both familiar and unique and include -HawkEye -WorldGuard -Some Anti-Cheat Protections -Our Own Economy Based Land Ownership Plugin -Dynmap -Several Others That Make For An Amazingly Fun Server! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clean And Lag-Free ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our server is VERY well kept, and lag free. We are on pretty epic hardware, and are fit to expand easily and quickly should more resources be required! Our staff team is quite large and able to keep up with keeping the land great looking and fun to play on! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server Rules ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The rules are very simple: - No griefing - No pvp (except in pvp areas) - No stealing - No hacks or taking advantage of Tekkit bugs -------------------------------------------------------------------------