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  1. haha i love you man! you helped me as well
  2. Well guys I have a problem, Whenever I open my tekkit it's completely fine. However, when I try to open every mod folder other than tekkit classic it loads but for tekkit classic it will load up pause on the mojang screen or a few seconds act like its gonna load up the world then turns the minecraft screen completely white. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall technic launcher pack multiple times in order to fix this but it doesn't work, so tried looking this up on various sites but never got the answer I was looking for. I made a video (or at least I think I did ) so you could see what happens. For some reason though in the video when I watched it the screen doesn't go white in the video but it does for me outside of the video. Anyone think they can help me? I Can't fix the video for fraps wont hold the video to record for some reason however it just freezes on that screen in the 1 second video