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  1. Here is a helpful site that myself and other industrial herbalogists suggested to me: For crop-starters, I suggest a tutorial from youtube, such as As far as cross breeding, I have been able to make a few starter plants (mostly flowers that yield dyes) and once a terrawart. But other then that, I need to work on how to get the higher-class breedings.
  2. I have been looking high and low for a tutorial, guide, or wiki on the elements, functions, and mobs of the Client Hack Slash Mine. However, besides the main page forum, I have come up with very little to satisfy my curiosity. While discovering new and interesting items and status upgrades is exciting, I always find it helpful to have a central site where I may enhance my knowledge and forge some sort of goal (instead of trying different things hap-hazardously). Though I know the client is still in the Alpha state, It would be nice to know where it stands and where it is leading. Is there any sort of place or guide where I may put to rest all of my curiosity (and even noobish) questions?
  3. I have been searching this client for a little while, and found that it's purpose is mostly for making multiplayer more interesting (the addition of RPG elements into the game along with some interesting mobs). It is something to note, that the project is still in the Alpha-State, so perhaps it would cool to suggest some interesting ideas to put into the game (perhaps some village-quests, bosses, new powers, or even an ever-present force, like The Lord of the Rings's Isengard, positioned in the nether). Until then, It would be best to create your own quests. For myself, I have: [li]Create an Impenetrable fortress[/li] [li]Discover Different Unique Items[/li] [li]Try my hand at using the Skills on the Ender Dragon (or atleast ghasts)[/li] *I am also looking for some sort of guide about the current elements in the client, so far without luck*