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  1. IGN: momiji6_6_6 Age Bracket: 20-25 TZ: Pst Why this server?: Like small sever they tend to be able to help each other out and you are not fighting over all the recorced and you can share them easer if need be
  2. Never mind I managed to get it to work. You have to use thermal expation power to get started in galactic craft. I got it to work with a steam dynamo to get the circuit fabricator to run.
  3. Anyone else found that you can't relly use the circuit fabricator with out any electric. But the only way you can make it do you can you need Basic wafers but you can't make them. Has anyone found a way around that issue.
  4. IGN: momiji6_6_6 How is the server?: good no lag issues and running when I get on late at night Any Suggestions?: none right now
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