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  1. Okay, so I built my tinkers construct smeltery while running the big dig pack. I built it just like I did in Attack of the B-Team and there it worked fine. When I open the UI of the smeltery controller everything looks fine. I can put Items in and they start to smelt. When they are done, I can see the sliver of ore in the smeltery itself and in the UI, the problem comes when I try and see how much is in my smeltery and when there are multiple types of molten ore. When I hover over the tank in the UI it doesn't give me any information. Also, when there is more then one ore in it, I can't select what ore I want to have at the bottom to pour. If I fill it with a stack of Iron then a stack of gold, I have to drain the iron before I can drain the gold! Weird huh? Also, I can still connect drain pipes and drain the ore into molds and such.