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  1. Oooook soo I have been trying to launch this thing for about 1 week now and it just doesn't open up.... I mean it does but it says press any button to continue, when I pressed a button it just doesn't do anything man.. btw I have been trying to launch this thing on a mac .. ,, I open it with Terminal or TextEdit... Please tell me what do I do to make it work ASAP....... TNX
  2. In game name: Thunder0man Age: 16 Location: UK, London Why do i want to join?: I want to have an amazing experience like i do on other servers and to play with my friends Yes, i do accept the server rules
  3. Whenever i try to place mod blocks like the alpha titan for example, it disappears and it will crash me out of the server…….. if u didn't understand this please do ask me again as i will try my best to describe what happens ……. PLEASE HELP ME ASAP SO ME AND MY FRIENDS CAN PLAY IN OUR OWN SERVER
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