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  1. Hey guys, I still have 2 more slots. I have just invited 4 more people to bring the numbers to 10. Keep those applications coming in! If you have not received a PM from me, I apologize but I had reasons for not picking some. DuBnz
  2. Please note that my server is WHITELISTED and I do not wish to disclose it to anybody, apart from those that I wish to join. You do not see major SMP whitelisted servers giving out their IP. This is to protect the server and make sure that those who are playing on it do not have to fear any sort of 'attacks' as such. I would be willing to go further into this from an IT professionals point of view but I won't. IF however you wish to further your knowledge in this area... please PM me and I would happily explain some things to you. On another note... I did notice though that you are NOT a m
  3. Hi All, So far I have only filled 3 spots. I have not informed all 3 as of yet, as I am just pre-rendering some chunks to reduce lag when exploring the world. Those that I have selected I will inform the remainder of you once the server is back up and running well. Keep those applications coming in. DuBnz
  4. Hi All. I am posting this to announce that I have started a Survival Multiplayer Attack of the B-team server. I will be asking 10 lucky people to join me on this server to play with myself and on the odd occasion my wife. Conditions: I am not a youtuber, but do not mind if youtubers want to apply. Must be 18+ Must have a Mic with a Skype account/Steam Account Preferable that players would live in NZ or AUS as I am from NZ and would prefer to play with people. Also preferable would be good builders to make Server Spawn look pretty Server Rules: No Griefing No Stealing Must
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