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  1. Ok so does anyone know how to publish a modpack without Dropbox? I do understand how to make one it is just that you have to pay to make a public sharing file which is $10+/month. It used to be free to share a public file but now you have to buy pro or business to use it. Just say a site below because I wanted to see if it was the mods or the pack but I can't even re-post a real modpack, so it is Dropbox. I tried Mediafire but that did not work either, but I keep getting the message and it says a modpack error and it says to consult the author. So can someone help me with that?
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    Need help ! :/

    I do not think so, so really, this is a free game of Minecraft, you do not need premium to get it for some reason. So you can launch it with or without, sometimes it may not work but it should. C:
  3. Does anyone remember the time when people used to play the old un-modded Minecraft? Well, now I can't even play that without getting bored or it has a lot of plug-ins to it. So can someone tell me if they even still play normal minecraft anymore?
  4. Melfice Dropbox is the share file I am using. When making a pack you are required to use one. When you click, copy URL, you basically got it from Dropbox but are just getting it from this site and everything is done for you. plowmanplow The pack is not officially made I still need to figure out why the pack crashes. Which I think I did learn why, it was the flans mods. The modpack might take a while since I need to find a way to do this without dropbox, I need to pay to be able to make this public, and I am not paying $10+ every month. Oh and also, I came up with the story and some server rules. Story: There are 4 alliances, red, blue, yellow, and green, they all have their own ways of building, red and green are two negative alliances, and blue and yellow are two positive alliances, blue is positive because they use robots to make there things. Yellow is also positive because they hire people and have them work and build. Red is a negative group because they enslave planets and force them to build their war machines. Green is negative because they infect town by town and build up an army of biological forms to make their machines, the high ranks however, are injected with the virus making them still their real forms but better and serve their masters. 1 other group is the nomads, they are the group that will be before you choose which alliance you are with. They build with default blocks and have little tech levels. Server rules: You must tell me the ip and say if you must use logme-in hamachi or not. You must have 2+ towns for every color except green to get soldiers and workers for. Green must get or be able to buy a spawner of their biological forms and higher ranks. All people used with Custom npcs must be wandering unless they are a shop keeper or are for hire and certain spots, there are other exceptions as well, tell me and I will say or not. Teams must not get other teams soldiers unless they are paid for and know to the owner. All followers must have unlimited time on following people unless they are a bounty hunter. No soldiers can be invincible unless they don't attack others or do damage, may attack mobs or rebels if possible. Server slots must have 4+ people able to be on them. Spawn must be protected with spawn protection. Some people may be able to have a resistance to range and melee if they have a certain armor on. Greifing is not allowed unless there is another world for that, PvP is not allowed unless it is a 2nd world and is used for battle only. You are not allowed to kill the nomads that are in a server, they can stay as nomads if they want to, they do not have to pick a side, nomads are also the group that builds with minecolony if they want to, this is a way to keep the nomads alive and still have benifits of being one, their villages are not allowed to be greifed as well.. The only servers that must follow these rules are the ones that make profit or can make profit off them and are a public server. It is still recommend that you follow these rules anyways. How I can make you follow these rules is if I figure out I can ban you from the modpack.
  5. I will make the pack since I have nothing better to do. And if anyone can be useful and post some mod genres like these. 1. Medieval (This pack is now about revolution and evolving, and one group has this stuff) 2. Mods that add these block colors, red, blue, yellow, green, and any other colors are fine if it has them. 3. Mods that add zombies that look like they were people before, a texture pack with the colors above works to show one of the unplayable teams, the bio-logical forms. Not a team but it's out there. 4. A mod that adds some kind of rebellion to the game, any color works, they do not even have to be a color. 5. Mods that add teams and make it so you can't kill your teammates. 6. All mods that add weapons, any kind of weapons do but I want all of the colors I said or a variety of weapons. 7. Mods that let you go to other planets, galacticraft might not be added because it only adds 2 planets and the other one might be around 1.7.2 so it might not be able to work. I do want alot of planets anyways though. Dimensions are fine. But preferred planets. 8. Any warfare mods medieval or not, any kind works. 9. Mods that add medical supplies and lets you heal yourself and others, potions is too old and seem like they are around the 1500's a little too old. 10. Any of the top liked mods for Minecraft, ones that have a lot of users and are liked, some will not be used.
  6. Your air is actually Neurotoxin and you suffocate and die. I wish for my wish to not get corrupted. Ha, immunity!
  7. Ok, so, I wanted to make a new mod pack where it is something like Voltz but it is a lot different, where some of the mods are the same and then a lot of different ones. I wanted some mods where you can travel to other planets. If anyone can tell me some, besides galacticraft since that one only has 2 planets. If you played those games where you build up a base and fight NPCs or enemy creatures. Something like that but you can raid other people like the game clash of clans if anyone has heard of that, and you can have alliances and such. Where you can play alone or play with others. It could be a single player game where you fight an NPC alliance. I want to aim this towards a Sci-Fi game and it is really not even Minecraft anymore and when you used to love diamonds makes them worthless since so many things are better then that. I can decide on a few mods the only thing is the whole other planets part and alliances. I wanted to make this a pack where it can be peaceful or it can be a gigantic war. I will try to make this a newer release above 1.6. You do not have to leave a link just put a mod name down that seems good for the pack. I will take almost all requests if they are Science Fiction (Something that is futuristic.) Really anything with war or realistic additions, since you will evolve and get to a high revolution. I know I said Galacticraft is going to be a mod but it is not going to be anymore. Sorry. Current Mods: Instant Structures mod. Instant Massive Structures mod. Custom NPCs. FC V5 pack. Flenix City mods 5 to be exact. Galaxy Warfare. All ICMB mod parts. FC V1 pack. Most or all of the flans mod parts have been decided to be put in this pack. Smart moving. More to come. New mods: (Will be put in list above in under a week) Computer Craft, warp drive mod, industrial craft, the invasion mod, minecolony will have a texture pack to change the medieval look, and I will try to add galacticraft if the mod that it crashes with isn't a good one. And yes I screwed up and made a typo on the title. Comments would be useful by the way. Official Name: Galactic Alliance Wars. When the pack comes out, it will be in testing, I will accept the first 5 people who are reading this and send me a message starting tomorrow who wants the pack, I will try to make this a public pack, but it will only be for 5 people for now, you need to also get dropbox to get the pack, you will not get it right away, this might take about 1 week or more to come out also, tell me your dropbox username nothing else so I can allow you to get the mod pack, if you don't another person who does send it with information gets it, no reservations. All you have to say is the name of the pack and that you want to test it. Remember this is in testing and it is not the official release, expect bugs and crashes. People can now message me or just post here for testing remember it is the first 5 people and all the staff I guess, prefer you post here, I do not even know if you can message people. But put down your dropbox information, if you don't I am not waiting for you to make an account. (Dropbox information is your username only) I will not make this right away, it will take time since this is my first official pack. I might turn to mediafire if I need to.
  8. I just thought of a really good question while playing Minecraft with the slender man mod. The question is, who would win in a battle? Herobrine or Slenderman? Leave your answer below and why below and why.
  9. Oh thanks, I saw this and said, oh I have a steam account and then wanted to do this, I will bring down the link then.
  10. There is a wallet code madness event on steam and I want at least 20 people to go on this link up to 100, my posts normally get over 100 visits, all you have to do is click on the link once and then exit, that simple, if you want your own link, you can then start this for yourself if you have a steam account, I do not care if you post it here, you may, I do not care if you do not have an account just click on this link. Mod edit: removed link
  11. You get a taco but the person who made it did not wear gloves or wash his hands, you get food poisoning and die. I wish for an army of skeletons.
  12. Ok how this works is, someone else says something that would be cool like flying or being invisible. That would have some good things like, I can get places faster (flying) and then, being invisible I would be able to sneak around better. Then someone else says, how do you get back down? Or, yeah your invisible but not your clothes, then you leave something that would be good then someone else leaves its downside then so on. If you are on this, at least make a post. If you come on and the down is made on a post already, just make an upside. Go to this link while you are here, it will really help me out:
  13. Oh, that just came out of no where... Well, I might re-make the Yogbox mod pack I said before and I will make the Voltz one, I will also get a Youtube camera or the camera app on my computer. To show what these packs will have.
  14. Well, I got a map with custom NPCs and Dayz and now I have a zombie defense game. I will try to record the invasion and post it here, but sadly, all my pigs are dead, zombies kill them now. I made a sniper in a tower so when the zombies try to swarm in they get shot. So, I might just make the pack myself like the whole Yogbox thing, if it works, I got a virus on my computer and had to erase everything so I might make that pack again as well. So if people can post some mods where it adds weapons like Balkan's weapons mod, or something like that. It would help, same with future warfare mods, skins, or even just weapons, anything that involves invasions, just slap it in your next post. It helps. File downloads, links, anything, but it must be either on Planet Minecraft, Minecraft forums, or some other trusted site, just stick with the two that I said.
  15. Makes sense, but I am saying that it adds a challenge as well, if you are stuck holding off zombies from killing you, it will take a lot longer to be able to get bored of this game, I also added custom npcs to this and made a giant world war 3 on an end of the world map, so it's a rebellion against the soldiers who caused it, the mods I am adding made it possible to do that. I am looking up some robot mods to make them work for me. So really, I turned voltz into a really weird, messed up zombie invasion, end of the world, future warfare, thing, I made this all messed up and turned this pack into chaos. And Valkon, I was just saying mods that make the game so they're are more mobs besides the default ones, (zombie, skeleton, creeper, spider, etc.) I am not saying that certain mods should be added, just ones where neutral mobs are better then zombie that you can walk away from, or skeletons that have about like a 20% shooting accuracy. And then skeleton fights, start like this, "Hey you! "You suck at aiming!" Take that back, now!" "No." Fine then, ha hit you, now what?" "Oh, it's on now!"
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