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  1. I also like the idea of a closed community, and btw i can play anytime after 3:30 PM, EST Standard...
  2. Hello my name is Aaron, im looking for a server to play on.... Im 14 and my skype is BunBun.0827. My MC username is Flickster123 I wanna join because i watch the Modpack creators play on youtube and i want a closed server to play on where we can prank and stuff. Ive run servers, I have never been banned, I am a good person lol, im fun to play with, and i kno the game. Thanks, Aaron
  3. My and my boy are trying to make a big dig server using the server files provided, and a Hamachi network for the ip, when we launched the server we were able to play, but when we tried to craft/place mod items we remove it from the crafting table or place it. However this was only an issue for Mod-related items, items form vanilla Minecraft still worked and were completely functional. I know for a fact that it is a server related issue because when I launched a single player world crafting and everything still worked.Is there any way to fix this? Please help (above I meant to say that we couldn't remove or place the mod-related items, but we can for vanilla Minecraft items)