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  1. Greetings Fellow technic'ians. I've run a small tekkit lite [0.5.7] server for over a year with 5 - 10 total people running around and building lots of random cities and buildings and towers. when updated most of the stuff erased so I've chosen to stick with [0.5.7] as of this moment, but will look to update if deemed plausible. I'm reaching out looking for a few people who want to lend their creative talents to build what ever glorious wonders you are willing to throw your free time at . I hope to one day have a server with enough content to actually run full time and have a loads of people having a killer time enjoying whatever adventures we've set up for them. If you're interested please hit me up with either a message or reply! Jda62 SkyShire Super Power Grid / Station with working emergency lights Grunddale Castles & Town (mostly built vanilla 2011-2013) TreeTopolis (Top - Center Spiral Stairwell - main floor sector)
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