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  1. Everyone has been added! for now on only friends of members will be added. this friday i will be accepting some more applications!
  2. That is great! i look to watching them! I have added everyone to the whitelist, but only a few more will be accepted now..
  3. I am very sorry for all the downtime, I worked for a while to get it up, now it is up.. hopefully we will not experience any more problems!
  4. all added! although there are some technical difficulties, so right now may not be the best time to get on
  5. This is a new attack of the b team server that is whitelisted. Rules: 1: no grieifing (pranks and or jokes allowed in moderation) 2: no discrimination There is not required age, all that matters is that you are mature! App: IGN: What is your favorite mod in the pack? are you a builder, explorer, or tech genuis? How well do you know the mods? ( will not effect your chances on getting accepted) Age: (optional) Youtube: (optional) The ip is:
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