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  1. Age: 15 im really outgoing and usually hang out with ppl a couple years older than me (not in a creepy way though ) i love HARMLESS pranks that dont involve griefing or stealing or any of that there is allways a good laugh when im around Experience: Well ive played in alot of aotbt white listed servers but they just grief and steal too much so im hoping to have a better experience on this server How often you'll be playing: as OFTEN as possible Where you are from: U S A all the way! Skype:ItSweetSour77 IGN:ItSweetSour77
  2. application: Age: 15 IGN: ItSweetSour77 Skype: ItSweetSour77 Youtube Channel (If you have one): planning to put up videos with this server (ItSweetSour77) how often will you play on the server? maybe 5 days a week are you willing to play fair? absolutely!! I have played on many whitelist servers but many people just steal so im planning to have a better experience in this server that looks like it will contain really cool and chill people to play with
  3. Application: I love to do harmless pranks on friends and I can see a lot of chill people are going to be playing on the server which is something I am looking forward to, to do my vids IGN: ItSweetSour77 What is your favorite mod in the pack?: As far as the pack goes i have to say my favorite is the Carpenters Blocks. Are you a builder, explorer, or tech genius?: I am both a builder and explorer. How well do you know the mods?: I know all the mods pretty well, I've been playing this mod pack for quite a while now. Age: 15 Youtube: ItSweetSour77, My new channel!! (Have lots of experien
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