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  1. Neither I pasted the dropbox link in my above post it didnt have either
  2. So for years I have been trying to create a modpack but it always bugs out on download in the technic launcher where it says it failed to unzip the file. I have watched countless tutorials and videos and still cant fix this problem. Please help
  3. In the past I played the attack of the bteam mod and when I starter using the archeology mod it corrupted my singleplayer world I had been building on for the past 4 months. I made a new file and spent over 8 months with this world and I was about to start a series on this world when I placed an analyzer and my entire file deleted itself. From what I have seen, this mod pack is just bad news. It has corrupt and deleted months of work and doesnt run smoothly.
  4. Okay so i spent hours building on a world then all of the sudden my entire technic crashes and closes. Everytime i launch the one world my entire launcher closes. There is no machinery or anything. I stuck to vanilla so far and it only happens on that world
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