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  1. Hey there everyone! If you love DayZ, and you love minecraft, it's your lucky day! I am recreating DayZ in minecraft with actual and USABLE vehicles(helis, jeeps, planes), as well as gun(snipers, asault rifles etc, W/ 3d models) If you love playing it solo, or love teaming up. If you love killing people, or saving people. We welcome you. Flan-Z Reloaded Trailer= Website = http://flanzreloaded.enjin.com/ Note= The server is MODDED so you will need to install our modpack but that's as easy as a 1, a 2, and a 5! The old Flan-Z server went down due to money loss, and not enough time. I rebuilt the server from scratch and the community is starting to grow again.The old Flan-Z had 4000 registered members... I think we can top that! Come join us at flan-z.mcpro.co