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  1. When i try to install any pack i get this error after putting in the "delivery URL": Modpack has invaild solder link.Consult modpack author. i have tried multiple packs but the pack i would like is Technic Plus-Multi
  2. im running a 1GB MSI R6850 Cyclone IGD5 power edition with 8gb ram, hope this is as good as i think
  3. man u are smart i... someother people spammed me thinking i blamed my sister ur the 1st logical reply, nice server btw but not for me soz
  4. man some some people are retarded at least blame ur sister what was he thinking???? His BROTHER!!! crazy
  5. Hello im willing to play with you. ubject: I am interested in joining your Tekkit Let's Play an messing around with others like my/your self How old are you? im 14 What timezone are you in? I am in scotland erm... dont know what time zone... (never listen in geography ) When are you able to record? anytime im on the server Are you mature? Yes i like to think myself as mature Do you have experience doing Let's Plays? no Are you experienced with Tekkit? very with most mods apart from some Rp and most railcraft Are you human ? I think i am an alien but i doint know... yes lets say i a
  6. Bad server i was kicke and removed from white-list for no reason its an open server why the whitelist???
  7. Please use the proper format e.g. launcher version and so on...
  8. Good point ill fix that now sorry
  9. OMG 44 views and nobody knows whats wrong that is very bad
  10. I have a 64bit windows home premium java 7u1 and 8gb ram. Launcher version I have No antivirus There is no log bins for some reason in "C:\Users\Ross\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\logs" is empty i try to open the Technic launcher it does a box saying "updating launcher step 1/3..." Then it closes and on my desktop it creates a hs_er_pid4212 However when i use a .bat to run the jar it'll load up the launcher but when i use the drop down menu nothing appears. this bit may be confusing. on the drops down menu for Technic, Tekkit... if i click on
  11. Does anybody know how to get the previous launcher then?
  12. When i open my Technic launcher it states that the tumblr feed is down. i recently updated java to Java 1.7u4 64 bit. I am running windows 7 64 bit home premium i dont have an antivirus I looked on common problems and fixes and most of the forums and found no help i also searched google with no luck. Logs Sorry pic exceeds 192 kb max file size
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