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  1. Hey ! It's Aranol again ! It's for a little problem : My brother Trasanol wants to register on the withelist but he can't go on the forum. Can he be on the withelist please ? bye
  2. Hello guys ! I want to play with you in your server please: Minecraft name? AranolDeTerria (Aranol for friends) What country do you live in? In Paris, France (so sorry for my English ) Do you have Skype? Not for the moment Do you upload to Youtube? Channel? I think I'm gonna to start my future channel with this server Age? 17 (18 the 06/01) Acceptance of server rules? Of course ! I'm French, so if I start my channel, you will be French's celebrities ! With me, you can discover the french Minecraft's culture ! See you soon Aranol
  3. Hello guys ! I'm AranolDeTerria, a french player (excuse my language, please) and I wish to join your server to play with your team. I have a youtube account, but I didn't make video for the momant. I want to make my first video on this serv. I think the French people can discover the serv with me ! Ign: AranolDeTerria Would I do a crossover episode? I think I can begin my Youtube channel with this serv What is my Skype name ? Pierre Courtois, with the dragon of sea image. (If you don't find it, I can give you my email adress) Why would I like to join? I think it's better to play with a small community Why should you choose me? With my, the France can discover your server. I'm a redstoner, I learn with the video of the best french youtubers: Aypierre and Zephirr. I want to make some mini-games (like the Aygame, a great mini-game popular in France) for the community !
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