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  1. This is a quick thread to ask if anyone has found a way to turn off / disable fallen meteors on the moon. I am attempting to build a moon surface base, but find my self suffering from meteors constantly puncturing holes through my base's roof. Any ideas for eliminating this problem would be appreciated! -Drakantos
  2. Borris, I have also accepted your application, as I feel that what you are looking for in a server is exactly what we can offer . You are also now on the whitelist, Welcome! -Drakantos
  3. Shockwave, I have accepted you based on your friendship with papy (He also spoke highly of you!) and you are now added to the whitelist -Drakantos
  4. Hello all, I am please to announce that VoidCraft has updated server capacity, and the whitelist can now hold an additional 10 members . So, let the recruitment continue and apply if you still wish to join a friendly, trusted B-Team community! -Spykez (Drakantos)
  5. ileaves2live - You also applied on our server website, and I made a post on there clarifying that you have been accepted You are also on the whitelist now. Stay crafty! -Drakantos
  6. Ashley and Wayne - You have both been accepted to the whitelist Please be sure to sign up on our server website aswell (details linked in pm's). Stay crafty! -Drakantos
  7. General Robbi, n21q8, mrwranga, JustinlzHeer, D3MON_BLAZE, Elochai99 and noahswartss; I have declined all of you based on the fact that none of you have fully read the application post - If you had, you would have noticed something you've all missed. Thank you for applying, goodluck finding a server to enjoy this great modpack on. -Drakantos
  8. I have checked - you are correctly whitelisted, and the details I have sent are correct aswell. Are you running the technic launcher with B-Team Modpack selected? If so, what error are you recieving when attempting to connect? -Drakantos
  9. That is indeed a good application, I mean who can say no to the pokemon themesong You are added to the whitelist ICxGxCI I will message you the details -Drakantos
  10. I have messaged you the details Papy . Erencan - You are not yet accepted, so I haven't sent you the details. However, you they can be found on the server wesite listed in the description. -Drakantos
  11. I have added you to the whitelist papy - You sound like just the kind of guy for our community . Please be aware that the server is only 3 days old, and as such, there may be some teething issues. Looking forward to seeing you on there! -Drakantos
  12. Hey erencan - thanks for your post. I am a little concerned by your age in regards to that of some of the other members. How do you feel about playing alongside those of 18 - 25? -Drakantos
  13. Thanks for your application Papyyankees. I do feel that your post is a little short - is there anything you can tell me about yourself that would make you an awesome addition to our community? Such as what are your previous minecraft experiences, have you played on a server before, and if so, on a modded server? Look forward to hearing from you -Drakantos
  14. Join us in the newest phenomenon that is Attack of the B-Team! The Attack of the B-Team is a technic modpack made by two well known youtubers . The modpack includes fewer technical mods from FTB but includes more building orientated mods and some fancy mad science mods. A link to GenerikB's Attack of the B-Team playlist can be found at the bottom of this post if your are new to or have never heard of the modpack until now. The Voidcraft B-team server is a whitelisted server to prevent griefing and unnecessary harm to both the server and the community. To get your name on that list you'll
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