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  1. Your In Game Name: O23456 Your age: 14 Where you are from: America (Colorado), Nigeria (Igboland) Something about you (optional): I'm a sexy beast! (and sometimes a bit lazy) Kidding, I enjoy a good time and would like to make friends. I also often talk in a English accent. Why you want to join the server (optional): Have a jolly good time and build lots o stuff, I'm newish to Tekkit, so I'll be doing a lot of experiments.
  2. I would just appreciate a set of power armor and the 8 enderium ingots. On all: Basic plating, med battery, and heat sinks. On the head: On the Torso: Coolant system, wings On the Legs: kinetic generator, sprint sttist, jump assist, stair stepper On the boots: shock absorbers On the fist: Railgun, pick, shovel, axe, Lux capacitor If this is all I got I would be overjoyed!
  3. Thanks Bob. You guys are some of the most helpful and friendly admins I have ever met.
  4. Why does there seem to be an uptime cycle?like clockwork, it seems to go: running 2h, crash 20m, running 2h, etc.