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  1. Tried changing my memory both in game and in the java settings, i still get the same issue. As for trying to get the information from F3 regarding chunks - it appears that the f3 menu freezes as well. Could this indicate it's something external that is freezing the client? Seeing as it isn't simply fps lag?
  2. hi! Upon playing Tekkit MP, my client experiences a bearable but extremely irritating issue: it freezes for half a second every few seconds. I'm running 64 bit java, 16GB DDR3 RAM, intel i7-2600k 3.4GHz processor, AMD HD6970 graphics, 120GB SSD and 3TB HDD, running on win7 64 bit. I'm using two screens and i am enabling vsync in the client options (however, each setting has no effect on the bug) I've tried deleting all my tekkit files and reinstalling, the same with minecraft (deleting bin did not work either) i've fiddled around with my RAM allocations to no avail. The tekkit version is 1.2.
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