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  1. I'm receiving super speed while placing blocks so when i right click to place blocks it places like 3x as fast as it normally does also does that for eating essence berries. for example i can eat 64 essence berries at the same time my friend eats like 24 and i don't mind that, but it's annoying clicking to place blocks and it places 2-3 sometimes 4 if you hold it longer than just tapping it. Recently i have added some expansion packs for the flans mod if that has anything to do with it, but im not sure because my friend has them to and it doesn't happen with him... Can someone please help?
  2. Sometimes when i go through the nether portal or even the tropicraft portal, basically whenever i go to a new dimension it just exits back to the technic launcher then i have to start it back it. And don't tell me im not giving the server enough RAM or anything it's using 3-4 gb of Ram which is plenty for a 2 man server. Don't ask for a crash report either because it's been happening the past 2 days and it hasn't given me a crash report for it the last crash report i have received was march 8th which was irrelevent to what is happening now
  3. So today i decided to play on attack of the B-Team and everything was working like normal i could play on my singleplayer world and everything, but when i decided to play on my server everything seemed to be working. Minecraft showed that the server was up and running so when i try to join it says Building Terrain as usual, but then after that it just exits me out and brings me back to the technic launcher. i've tried resetting my computer and everything. everytime i try it just exits to the technic launcher and doesn't load my server world. Is there a fix to this???
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