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  1. With one spot left I am making the decission to go with adding megadog to the whitelist because he posted first but also because Shiftykid changed his age from 15 to 17. Topic is now closed. We have 10 players so please do not post anymore!
  2. Applications temporarily closed. We do still have 2 spots left. If you really want to join send me pm. I have stopped following this topic so please don't reply here anymore. Thank you for your applications!
  3. Application accepted! Sorry but I've got to deny you. I have e-mail notifications on for this post and your first version of this post said you were 13 so I'm assuming you changed it when you noticed it was 16+. The policy we keep on being 16+ is there for a reason. I Hope you can find another server.
  4. Southdude's been whitelisted. There are still 4 slots left! Please read the requirements carefully, we would like people over the age of 16. Sorry about that guys.
  5. Hi! Together with 5 friends from a previous, now closed, AotBTserver we are starting our own 10 player slot server and we are still looking for 5 more players! So do you want to play on a friendly, community based server, can be online a minimal of 3 hours per week and are over the age of 16, then this is the place for you! So far we have 2 people from the Netherlands, 1 from Sweden, 1 from Australia and 1 from America! So wherever you're from, as long as you speak a decent amount of English and fall within the criteria, you can apply! Server IP: Server rules: No griefing, no stealing, no swearing, no being a bully. Breaking these rules will result in a permanent ban. We do not have any mods removed, the only three items that are not allowed to be used on the server are: Mr.Crayfish's oven cause it's bad mojo, the player interface and poppet shelves cause they load chunks. The server runs with no plugins and will restart every 3 hours to prevent lag. The expected uptime is 24/7. In order to apply you must fill in the following form: In-gamename (for the whitelist); Country of origin (Iits okay if you want to keep it private): Age: Do you have skype? And if yes, are you willing to be in a skype group?: Motivation for wanting wanting to join: Confirm you are human by typing a random string of characters (Example: eadfdafe):
  6. Minecraft username: MushWolf Are you over 16? 20 nearly 21! Do you plan to put footage on youtube? (Not required) No not really. Why you want to join? I'd like to join a fun group of people whilst playing on a fun and good running server!
  7. Age? 21 Country? The Netherlands IGN? MushWolf Do you understand the rules? I solemly swear I have read the rules and will dutifully try to follow them to the best extend I can imagine them to being followed. So yeah I do.
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