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  1. New Tekkit at it's finest! We feature a robust tekkit 1.2.8d experience in a post-apocalyptic environment! After two weeks of building and debugging for optimal experience, we are ready to go live! We welcome all players but like to have our player-base be mature and 18+. Teleporters will whisk you away to un-populated areas to build your ultimate base. We also offer Factions, GriefPrevention, Economy, Teleport, Anti-Hax, Essentials, Groups, VIP, Anti-Lag, TekkitRestrict, Votifier, TreeAssist, and WirelessRedstone! We have few banned items to prevent griefing and exploiting, most items are free to use. This server is a little more hardcore and classic, so don't expect things to be easy! We have a very minimal and basic banned-items list with additional perks and commands for donators http://www.outbreaktekkit.com
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