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  1. Okay, some people said that they updated their Java to Java 7 (the latest) and then Attack Of The B-Team worked fine. I use a Mac, but I can get Java 7. Should I do that? Will that work? Please reply!
  2. Can the makers of this modpack PLEASE fix these problems?! I keep crashing upon entering a survival world and I cannot even use the versions 1.0.9 or above! Many people are having the same problem, some have been having it for a long time, like me! I've had these problems for weeks, and I think I speak for everyone here, when I say, that I want the modpack to be fixed back up to proper condition so that I can play normally! Updates have been released, which have done nothing. Creators of the modpack, FIX THE MODPACK!!!!!
  3. Hello! I cannot play Attack Of The B-Team with the 1.0.9 and above versions. Whenever I select them, then click "PLAY", it loads, the application opens for a second, then quits. Anyone else having this problem? If you know how to fix this, HELP ME!
  4. Hello! I need some help with the Attack Of The B-Team modpack. What happens is as soon as I enter my survival world, within about 10-20 seconds, my game crashes. No crash report is shown (sorry), i'm simply brought back to my computer desktop screen with the Technic Launcher on the screen. I've tried switching versions, changing Technic Launcher builds and doing anything that could affect it. Strangely, my creative world runs completely fine, and when I made a NEW survival world, it was fine as well. So there is a problem with one specific world, and I need some help bad. PLEASE HELP ME!!
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