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  1. After i updated, when i get in a game it will just crash, it says Java has stopped working, and it crashes, no crash report? can anyone please help?
  2. Hello, recently my attack of the b team would return to a page saying "java does not have enough memory" or something like that, i can only go up to 1 gb of memory for attack of the b team yet i have 317 gbs on my hard drive? please reply. im screwed
  3. facepalm... i forgot about control panel
  4. i try to unistall yet it says i dont have the right version... so basically its taking the java 6 version
  5. So i have the newest java, java 7 yet it still says i have the wrong version, its java 7 update 51, my problem is i think its using my older version, also if the developers are reading this, please take out that one mod that makes it need java 7! D: