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  1. Ah...try to change your versions of AOTBT to a lower one? Maybe the server hasn't updated to the newer version, ya? :3 Try that out!
  2. Ah..ok, I'll try to find the server website and see if I can get the AOTBT owner to change it. -BlackRoses
  3. Then would I,myself, have to change the ID or would it be the server owner? If I am able to change the ID of GalacticCraft and/or Witchery Spirit World, what would I do? Like, what steps would I take to change it, and what ID should I change them to? (Edit)
  4. Forever, I had the same problem--Go to www.java.com and download Java 7, then uninstall Java 6 with the uninstall applet on the site. I guess it should work then! -BlackRoses
  5. Ah, ok I'll post the crash log tommorrow (3-9-14) So...Cya later!
  6. Ah, I did log out and then relogged in, and clicked play....Sadly when I clicked "Multiplayer" and I tried joining the server, it closed the launcher and reopened it...all over again. :/
  7. First of all, When you join the server, does it do this? You pressed Multiplayer You clicked "Join Server" after selecting it And did it just close Attack of the B-Team, and reopen it? Edit: Or did it say "Failed to Login: Bad Login" ?
  8. Yes, when I finished getting Java 7 and it would go to the Attack of the B-Team main menu, and clicked Multiplayer to join a server, it would close, and reopen the launcher....Are you having this problem as well?
  9. Oh! I uninstalled Java 6 so then I wouldn't have any Java, then I downloaded Java 7--It worked! Now I can continue playing online with my friends and such! Thanks so much, HaleStorm! -BlackRoses Hold on...I've gotten "Bad Login" so I closed it and relogged...Now it's doing the same thing again, closing the launcher, then reopening it, but only After I choose Multiplayer Join Server
  10. Ah, thank you, Halestorm, I'll try it out and let you guys know if it works or not... ^
  11. Yes, well, I press Play, and once it finishes loading, it just reopens the launcher. :/ I can't figure out what it is, and my security says that Oracle Java 7 is an unsafe program...any other ideas? -BlackRoses
  12. Does it close your launcher and then reopen it? If it has, I've been having the same problem....
  13. After continuously clicking the "PLAY" button on my technic launcher pack, for Attack of the B-Team, it wouldn't go to the screen saying "Mojang". After I had pressed play this is what it did: Ran the script/data in the small bar. It closed the launcher It reopened the launcher Does anyone have any idea of what to do? I've even gone to %Appdata% for the crash reports, and there weren't any. Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just me? If anyone has any idea of what to do, please tell me. Thank you, BlackRoses
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