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  1. Ya i have a good bit of views and comments and no I did not buy my subs.
  2. Download skype. Thats what my friends and I are planning to use.
  3. If you have good quality mic and recording then I dont mind.
  4. Hey guys, my friend and I want to start a series on this mod pack with other YouTube people! I wanted this mod pack because of the pvp mods on it because in this series there will be some pvp. We wanted to have it to where we are all friendly to each other and we all build different bases. Then later in the series we can announce when we are fighting and then you can team up and we will have a battle. We will give the person who dies there stuff back (or just leave their grave stone alone) and we will not destroy bases and steal things from chests. All fun battles but dont lose anything. Now w
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