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  1. 1. Mincraft name: eren906 2. Skype: flubber141 3. age 16 4. appearance with attack of the b team:7-9 5. Favorite mod: Witchery, advanced genetics and tinkers 6. no, i have not 7. nope i will not record 8. i should love ocelots!! 9. What do you like doing in Minecraft, i like to build things and help other people that needs help with 10. i would like to join your server because i am fed up of single player and keep getting griefed by other people 11. I play on the server often and help anyone that does not know what to do
  2. ingame name:eren905 age:14 Why do you want to join:My first time playing this mod pack and now i am looking for nice friendly people show me how to play this mod pack Skype: Dont have one How well do you know about this mod pack: not very well Do you agree on the rules: yeah, of course Sry if i dont have skype
  3. IGN eren905 Age:14 Reasons: i have just started this mod and every time i join a server i don't know what to do then people start to kill me. Hopefully i can learn more about this mod on this server. Favorite mod: witch mod is kind of cool and i think it is very fun to play about with. Mod experience not very good but i am happy to learn. Skype: Yes i do have skype
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