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  1. No I meant I'm on 10.6 version of Mac. I am on 1.7 for minecraft though.
  2. No I'm on 1.6, I'm a little confused on why it's not working and what I'm supposed to do. I have a feeling it might just be a glitch because everything seems to work, it just doesn't actually open up the mod.
  3. Ok, so I tried the first website because the second one is for later macs which I do not have. So I looked and it is kind of confusing and also it doesn't say my mac even has java, which is impossible. God I hate this, its just frustrating for me because I don't think many other people are experiencing this as well. Thanks for all the help though.
  4. Im sorry I don't know what you mean by that, please explain I really want to plaaaaaaaay.
  5. So everytime I go onto the Technic launcher, go to Attack of the B-Team and click play. It starts the loading and eventually it works, and disappears, but then nothing else comes up and the technic launcher just comes up again. I looked at a video on how to install and I did everything right but after the mod loads, the technic launcher goes away (like what the tutorial said) but then the technic launcher comes up again instead of the modded minecraft (unlike what the tutorial said). Please any help would be huge, I really want to play and am getting kind of frustrated. Thanks.
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