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  1. No permissions plugin. And we're all ops on that server.
  2. The hosting service we use has Tekkit 2.0 in its list of installable mods - and it's the current version, not the old buggy one. I can install it with a click and haven't changed anything. I've also checked the RP file size (of the zip in the mod folder) against the version in the Tekkit download. They're identical. This is seriously weird.
  3. So....nobody knows which class files to overwrite in the unified Redpower file to fix that bug?
  4. The problem with that is that Redpower is condensed into one file in Tekkit 2. I'd need to open the file and overwrite the class files. Any idea if that would work?
  5. That doesn't work either, unfortunately. Neither does it work with empty cells from IC2.
  6. Put a Deployer next to a tank full of water. Turn it into the right direction. Put an empty bucket in and activate a redstone signal. The bucket should fill with water, but doesn't. It remains empty. The same setup works in my SSP world (after I overwrote the RP machines file that first came with Technic 6 - no idea if it's fixed now).
  7. Redpower's deployer does not appear to work with buckets. Every other deployable item appears to work. I've had that problem with SSP and thought it was fixed? Unfortunately in Tekkit I cannot just overwrite RP Machines to fix it. Can anyone help me with a fix?
  8. I'll be trying to install Tekkit on a server rented from a hosting service. Using my ftp client, I can see the usual Bukkit directory structure. Hmm....it appears I can just copy the folders everywhere and overwrite everything. The launch.bat should start the correct jar file with no need to rename the old jar. I just hope I have the write permissions I need on that server. I'll have to look if there's a different upload mechanism in the web interface.
  9. Thank you /sarcasm. How about I'm trying try to install a Tekkit Server for the first time and don't know where the files "need to be" nor how the old servers were installed? Why do you think I'm asking the question?
  10. Are there no installation instructions? Or is it as simple as "ftp the files and folders in Tekkit_Server_2.0.zip zip to the server, then start the launcher"?
  11. I like EE and wouldn't want to play without it any more. Yes, EE makes it somewhat easy to get diamonds. But quite a few mods use a lot of them. Buildcraft and its addons in particular. The normal way to get diamonds can get really frustrating - I once spent three real-time days mining without finding a single one. So I'm thankful for EE. EE 6.22 is way less overpowered than earlier versions, at least early in the game. Also you will eventually get to the point where you don't have to mine anymore, but I've got mining tunnels across in an area of 128x256 at level 10, completely mining it out, before I get to that point.
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