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  1. In-game name: Bommlmitz Age: 25 Time spent playing modded Minecraft: since the beginning of ICĀ², BC and all that stuff.. might be 4-5 years now.. dunno exactly. But overall i'd call myself professional in terms of tekkit engineering Reason I want to join: I'm looking for a new Tekkit survival server to play on and construct some new exiting stuff^^
  2. IGN: Bommlmitz About me: I'm a 25 y/o university student and i'd like to join your tekkit server. I got about 3 years of tekkit experience from the beginnings to 'modern' space tekkit and after about half a year break i need a new server to play on See you!
  3. Name: bommlmitz Age: 24 Going to build a space base of course and a nice factory/autocrafting setup as tekkit wants to be used at its full potential Also wanna make a tekkit style mob farm, but not sure how the new tekkit can help me on doing that
  4. A cup of hot dark coffee! thats what i like ;D If you ask me - this server is amazing!
  5. IN GAME NAME:Bommlmitz AGE: 24 TELL US SOMETHING ABOUT YOURSELF: i simply LOVE tekkit and while searching for a new server (stopped tekkit for about 2 months) i just found you guys TIMEZONE: GMT+1 EVER BANNED? IF SO WHY: nope
  6. IGN: Bommlmitz Tekkit experience: high experience in almost all mods Most known mod: IC,BC,RP,EE.. i dont like railcraft and computercraft Why you should be whitelisted on this server: coz i want to join your server Previous bans and why you were banned: no
  7. IGN= in game name: Bommlmitz Age: 24 Things you hate about Minecraft servers: Lags, Flamers (+ragekids and all that stuff^^) How long might you play on the server each day?: well that does depend on the community but i guess at least 2h a day Have you ever been banned(on any server)? If yes explain: no What kind of minecraft/tekkit things are you really good at?: exept railcraft.. anything? huge tunnel bore (with frames) or HV-Array auto crafting machines (made 3 different setups on the last server i played on) How long you've been playing Minecraft? since Minecraft Beta 1.2, and tekkit since it was released i guess Where did you hear about us?: tekkit forums Why do you want to join our server over others?: seems to be the newest server fitting my preferences, especially the banned EE items Did you read the rules? Do you agree to follow them?: yes, sir
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