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  1. In-game Name: Animalfan1556

    Skype Name: pokemon10345


    Most Common role in a faction: magic shop owner and gene maker


    Servers you have moderated on: i've modded on a few nameless server and i own my own


    Builds you have completed: none that were saved


    Pvp structures you have built: i have help worked on a hunger games map for xbox minecraft it was based on the shire from the hobbit and lord of the rings movies


    Anything else you wish to add: i am good with with people, helping out new people, i am running a new youtube series so i would probably record on this server, i am basic with redstone traps and such, and finally i love anime. p.s if this is too long sorry

  2. i want to apply 

    Ingame Name: Animalfan1556


    Why you want to join: i love this modpack and i want to be helpful on the server to people

    Skype: pokemon10345 and please don't judge the name

    How well do you know this mod pack: i've been playing it since day 1 and im working on mastering witchery and advance genetics

    Do you agree to the rules? yes i do and i find them reasonable

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