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  1. Hey I heard the server might be shutdown and I was just offering help if this rumor were to be true. What I offer is a way to donate for ranks where you can get special perks and the ability to do /nickname because everyone has either racist nicknames or they use the nicknames to show that they are the best because any newb (not noob, I said newb its different) can get a nickname if they know the command and generally the players that like to grief, swear and annoy are younger children and they might learn some pretty offensive words or sayings. You should also make towns more expensive so you can make people pay real money to have a town right away, now of course all existing towns will remain. I would also like to point out 3 other things starting off with a similar idea to the donation, I believe that the server should apply for a website through enjin where you can vote and donate directly through this website and we could have forums so we would be more organised. 2nd matter is that towny is bugged. By that I mean that if someone is assistant or vip in a town, they cant break anything or open containers unless we do the command /t set perm off which makes anyone able to break blocks, even outsiders so towns are only useful if the player is a hermit who plays without friends or online friends. Please remember that I love this server very much and I just want It to keep running as long as possible. 3rd and last issue is the lack of staff. Staff on the server are always over loaded with issues and sometimes there aren't any admins online and there are 12 regular players and by that point, the server is anarchy and pvp is swipes the land. I would personnally recommend wayward_sculptor as a admin with powers because he is the kind of person who will put other peoples needs in front of his own and I as a simple a chat mod (so I can just /mute, /kick, and have the name standing out of the crowd and perhaps /ban in case the person just relogs and kills everything.) that way I do not cheat but I can help the server with minimal permissions because I hate it when people just caps lock and swear and I have no power to help. This is for a more social purpose than economic, I vote that the server gets a teamspeak where everyone can simply chat, have fun and mods and admins can talk to trouble makers to try to solve an agreement with that person rather than banning them. These are all my suggestions and I hope no one took this in a bad way I just want this server to stay as a small community or medium (or else we will have lag) and that the server becomes more of a towny server instead of a factions server. Thank you for reading and have fun playing on this incredible server
  2. Hey I'm really sorry about that post I was just in the heat of the moment. I just want to say that this is the greatest server I had ever played on so the fact that I might never playon it again just really hit me deep down. And once again, I am so sorry.
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