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  1. Hey I heard the server might be shutdown and I was just offering help if this rumor were to be true. What I offer is a way to donate for ranks where you can get special perks and the ability to do /nickname because everyone has either racist nicknames or they use the nicknames to show that they are the best because any newb (not noob, I said newb its different) can get a nickname if they know the command and generally the players that like to grief, swear and annoy are younger children and they might learn some pretty offensive words or sayings. You should also make towns more expensive so you
  2. Hey I'm really sorry about that post I was just in the heat of the moment. I just want to say that this is the greatest server I had ever played on so the fact that I might never playon it again just really hit me deep down. And once again, I am so sorry.
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