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  1. Rawr! Yo night miss me <3 simi1306 waiting for a warm welcome back, server is not Ftb :o remember those good old Tekkit days.

  2. Bukkit ports ARE updated, been so for the past 2 weeks,
  3. i updated weapon mod and Zanchor :l client uptade up soon
  4. i updated cccensors on my port. Gonna update the codechicken CBE stuff now :3 Nvm looks like we got the latest bukkit support available, If there are anymore mods that im missing, tell me thanks, :3 * dunno what version of zAnchor and weponmod we are using
  5. I could include buildcraft 3 to, wich will help a bunch of mods to load properly
  6. K, done Client version v0.12) Replace you mod folder with that, currently updated 6 mods with no problem Server version ( v0.12) You need the plugins folder with the ccplugin in, to get Computer craft to work Feel free to join my Nightfury server to! everything enabled and no whitelist Using nightfury client v0.1 I Don't own any of these mods, Credits should go to MCportcentral and the official mod makers. *Updated Mffs and nuclear controll, Probably gonna update the more advance stuff like NEI tomorrow :3! Please tell me what to update next and i will do it in 10 minutes
  7. So the mods havent came out for 1.3.2 minecraft yet ( not to be confused with 1,3.2 tekkit) But there are a lot of outaded mods for tekkit 1.3.2, One example is Ic2, The version tekkit got now for ic2 is 1.97, and the latest is 1.103 And this update have been out for nearly 3 weeks now! So why should we update? Well 1.3.2 ( minecraft) mods will probably take an other week or two, they will be fairly unstable and get an other update probably, and also there will take time for the mcportcentral community to make the mods run for the servers. we will probably have 1.4 be then. also the new mods are already updated for craftbukkit( been now for nearly 2 weeks) And the updated mods are more stable and have way better content then the old ones. they run faster and are less crashy, and been nerfed, The server version have been updated to, its more stabler, Works with multiworld we can run better plugins, that works on R5.0 CraftBukkit ( or less) So over all server version could be way better. Here is some updated mods i have counted so far Ic2, 1.103 r2 ComputerCraft 1.3.3 r2 Redpower 2.0p5b2 r18 Equivalent Exchange r5 Railcraft 5.4.7 Modular Force Field System Version 2.0 V2.0 beta 3 Nuclear Control 1.1.11 WRCBE Server.jar For more go to And dont give me the *** that its hard and take long time to update the mods, I could do it in a hour. most of these updated mods uses the same confics and ids, so you dont need that much work anyway If you want i can make an update for tekkit and call it like nightfury's client or something. Thanks for reading, and i hope you dont take this as a rant, just want to have some flowing movement, thats all, :3
  8. Nightfury18

    Received a TileEntityData

    Found out the problem is to many hv solar pannels and to many loose ends, Temporarily fix ---> uninstall Hv solar mod and wait for tekkit to upptade it and ic2, :9
  9. Nightfury18

    Received a TileEntityData

    Title: Received a TileEntityData Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 Java Version: Java SE 7u6 Description of Problem: When ppl try to connect to my server they crashes and get a white screen, And then the server crashes to ( with no error log btw, i checked twice) This dint always happen before and the server was running smoothly and fine until a few days ago, ( server ran smoothly more then a month before this problem) Error Messages: Received a TileEntityData packet for a location that did not have a TileEntity: (240, 82, 298) 0: 20, 0, 0 Error Log: ( error log is a bit to long, and i dint know what part to cut off :
  10. Nightfury18

    Player.dat cleaner (request)

    Hello lovely mod community, I would need a mod or plugin that can clean out a player.dat file after x days. I noticed my sever world folder got rather filled up after a while, all the player.dat files got nearly a megabite each! Anyone willing to create sush a mod/plugin? Im sure it would be rather hip with the community here. -thanks :)
  11. it ryan from the server and i was just wondering if it was still up or under construction or what but i really like the server so i hope its under construction

  12. Nightfury18

    Probably good news on trains and zeppelin mod

    Yes i would love this mod on tekkit, Somone hurry up and fix it! ;D *edit, here is some id-Confics i set up, they may not be perfect. but they seem to work *Zeppelin only Key_Up=Y * *Zeppelin only Key_Down=X * *Zeppelin only Key_Idle=C * *Train Key_Horn=H * *Trains + Zeppelin Key_Inventory=R * *Work cart Key_Furnace=F * *These two keys should be the same as the key you use to move your character forward/backward in the game *So don't touch unless you have to! *Trains + Zeppelin Key_Accelerate=W Key_Decelerate=S * * *====BLOCKS ID's==== * IDOilSand=125 IDPetrol=131 IDDistillator=132 IDDistillatorActive=144 IDOverheadLineBlock=3885 IDcouplerRail=168 IDdetectorLoco=180 IDdetectorPassenger=182 IDdetectorFreight=184 IDsignalBlock=185 * *====ITEM ID's==== IDElectricmotorItem=3775 IDDieselItem=3776 IDDieselengineItem=3777 IDPistonItem=3778 IDCamshaftItem=3779 IDCylinderItem=3780 IDDraftGearItem=3781 IDCoaldustItem=3782 IDSteelItem=3783 IDSteeldustItem=3784 IDGraphiteItem=3785 IDBoilerItem=3786 IDFireboxItem=3787 IDBogieItem=3788 IDSteelframeItem=3789 IDSteelcabItem=3790 IDSteelchimneyItem=3791 IDBalloonItem=3792 IDPropellerItem=3793 IDSteamengineItem=23793 IDOverheadLineItem=3794 IDSignalItem=3795 IDZepplinItem=3796 **loco 4 is the usfl98 IDMinecartChestItem=3797 IDMinecartGrainItem=3798 IDMinecartWatertranspItem=3799 IDMinecartWoodtranspItem=3800 IDMinecartSpeedItem=3801 IDMinecartShunterItem=3802 IDMinecartTenderItem=3803 IDMinecartWorkItem=3804 IDMinecartGP40GreenItem=3805 IDMinecartTramWoodItem=3806 IDMinecartTramYellowItem=3807 IDMinecartLocoGreyItem=3808 IDMinecartSmallLocoGreenItem=3809 IDMinecartSmallLocoRedItem=3810 IDMinecartSmallLocoYellowItem=3811 IDMinecartLocoBlueItem=3812 IDMinecartLocoYellowItem=3813 IDMinecartLocoGreenItem=3814 IDMinecartLocoChME3Item=3815 IDMinecartLocoHeavySteamItem=3816 IDMinecartTenderHeavyItem=3817 IDMinecartFlatCartItem=3818 IDMinecartHighSpeedCarItem=3819 IDMinecartNewHighSpeedLocoItem=3820 IDMinecartOpenWagonItem=3821 IDMinecartFreightCart2Item=3822 IDMinecartPassenger4Item=3823 IDMinecartTankWagonItem=3824 IDMinecartJukeBoxCartItem=3825 IDMinecartStockCarItem=3826 IDMinecartWorkCabooseItem=3827 IDMinecartPassenger5Item=3828 IDMinecartVL10Item=3829 IDMinecartTankWagon2Item=3830 IDMinecartPassengerBlueItem=3831 IDMinecartPassengerCyanItem=3832 IDMinecartPassengerDarkBlueItem=3834 IDMinecartPassengerGreenItem=3835 IDMinecartPassengerLightGreenItem=3836 IDMinecartPassengerLightBlueItem=3837 IDMinecartPassengerPurpleItem=3839 IDMinecartPassengerYellowItem=3840 IDMinecartGP7YellowItem=3841 IDMinecartGP7BlueItem=3842 IDMinecartGP7BlackItem=3843 IDMinecartGP7RedItem=3844 IDMinecartFlatCartSUItem=3845 IDMinecartGP40bnsfItem=3846 IDMinecartGP40alaskaItem=3847 IDMinecartGP40santafeItem=3848 IDMinecartGP40unionpacificItem=3849 IDMinecartGP40norfolksouthernItem=3850 IDMinecartLocoItem=3851 IDMinecartSmallLocoItem=3852 IDMinecartGP40Item=3853 IDMinecartBuilderItem=3854 IDMinecartCabooseItem=3855 IDMinecartPassenger2Item=3856 **loco 4 is the big steam loco IDMinecartLoco4Item=3857 IDMinecartGP7Item=3858 IDMinecartTramItem=3859 IDMinecartEU07Item=3860 IDMinecartFlatCartUSItem=3861 IDMinecartBoxCartUSItem=3862 IDMinecartFreightHopperUSItem=3863 IDMinecartTankWagonUSItem=3864 IDMinecartFlatCartWoodUSItem=3865 IDMinecartFreightCartUSItem=3866 IDMinecartFreightCartSmallItem=3867 IDMinecartLocoMickeyMouseItem=3868 IDMinecartLocoCherepanovItem=3869 IDMinecartLocoMinetrainItem=3870 IDMinecartMinetrainItem=3871 IDWoodenFrameItem=3872 IDWoodenBogieItem=3873 IDWoodenCabItem=3874 IDIronChimneyItem=3875 IDIronFireboxItem=3876 IDIronBoilerItem=3877 IDMinecartLocoBlackItem=3878 IDMinecartNormalBrownTenderItem=3879 IDMinecartNormalBlackTenderItem=3880 IDMinecartNormalWhiteTenderItem=3881 IDMinecartNormalBlueTenderItem=3882 IDMinecartNormalGreenTenderItem=3883 IDMinecartNormalRedTenderItem=3884 * * *
  13. Hey Nightfury its me arkangel117

    this is about my ban from the server

    i already explained about it in the forum post on the server

    also my friend FiRE_MANiC is on the server trying to reason with the players online

    ive been waiting for a reply and although minefabix replied i am still banned

    i hop i get unbanned

  14. Nightfury18

    Lwc fix tekkit 3.1.2

    problem is i dont remember who i got the confic from, and i have changed it a lot since, and pretty much everyone can do this sort of confic,, soo,, Credit to everyone!
  15. Nightfury18

    Lwc fix tekkit 3.1.2

    Ah if it was your Lwc confics that will explain a few things, i though i had found this one on reddit.., If you want i can give you the credit?