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  1. Hmm whata, Alright someone is messing with the bans, Im gonan figure out who it is, you are unbanned for now boredsuasage
  2. Well ppl have acces to other players chest by using a crafting station next to a locked chest, is there anyway to solve this?
  3. Well this server is running badly :b Thinking of switching to FTB or a more realible modpack that have been optimiced, no hard feeling tekkit
  4. Updated the server with LWC towny and essentials like most mayority of ppl liked, hope you are glad now!
  5. Welcome to my Server, This is a simple friendly server where you build a small town with your friends This server is open for anyone So everyone is welcome to join on my server, Look around and perhaps build a base. * server features - 2.5 gigs of ram -Located in EU ( germany) -30 slots -No whitelist, Feel free to join! - 24/8 - ALL mods activated, yeah ALL of em, non left out! *plugins Lwc Towny and chest shop Esentials ( /sethome /spawn and stuff) Coreprotect, Allows us to see griefers and rollback the griefed areas only, Server Ip * Rules No raiding No stealing, Blocks Or from chests! No griefing No swearing or rude langue. English only please.
  6. Rawr! Yo night miss me <3 simi1306 waiting for a warm welcome back, server is not Ftb :o remember those good old Tekkit days.

  7. i updated cccensors on my port. Gonna update the codechicken CBE stuff now :3 Nvm looks like we got the latest bukkit support available, If there are anymore mods that im missing, tell me thanks, :3 * dunno what version of zAnchor and weponmod we are using
  8. I could include buildcraft 3 to, wich will help a bunch of mods to load properly
  9. K, done Client version http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?teaidmoji7e0nki( v0.12) Replace you mod folder with that, currently updated 6 mods with no problem Server version http://www.mediafire.com/?5f01lnqvoign7qr ( v0.12) You need the plugins folder with the ccplugin in, to get Computer craft to work Feel free to join my Nightfury server to! everything enabled and no whitelist Using nightfury client v0.1 I Don't own any of these mods, Credits should go to MCportcentral and the official mod makers. *Updated Mffs and nuclear controll, Probably gonna update the more advance stuff like NEI tomorrow :3! Please tell me what to update next and i will do it in 10 minutes
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