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    I am Legen.... Wait for it!!!!!.....DARYYYYYYYYYYY
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  1. Whats going on??? why is the server down?? night... please tell me... I NEED TO KNOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW thanks
  2. Hey man sounds awesome IGN:silas825 Age:14.5 Do you record:Nah not really Could you donate (does not affect your chances):maybe(not sure) What would you do on the server:Play live life and enjoy Why would you want to join this server:its seems awesome and friendly and i need somewhere cool to Play What do you love most about AoTBT:everything about it is amazing... Its cool and its awesome(no more to say ;)
  3. Its full now Sooooo please pm the ip to me and i Will PM it to the rest ok?
  4. Awesome! We are pretty much ready! Soooo now... Please PM me when/if you are ready to host ohhhh and please write name/maybe age and gender please:)
  5. Hopefully a person who Can host:)and Play will comeback soon(looking forward to this;)
  6. Witchery is a very popular:) mod because its the mod ChimneySwift(a famous youtuber) uses the most in his "Lets Play"
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