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  1. i just saw this but i solved the problem. i had to enchant the pump plus or else it didn't work
  2. So i have an applied Energistics thing set up and was gonna make it so i can automaticly make redstone energy conduits, although im having a problem with the induction smelter, i had it automaticly put in the pulverised obsidian, but the lead is not going in, but i messed around with it and now the obsidian isn't going in so im not sure what to do.... Picture of furnace: '> Picture of ME Interface: '> if you need any other picture, let me know EDIT: it seems to always go into the purple slot, so how do i seperate the items?
  3. i have tested the compressed cobblestone and even the single compress resists against creepers!
  4. oh right, forgot about the dynamos, thanks! EDIT: The Compression dynamos are cheap so ill just replace what i have (it helps having almost infinite stuff (i added quarryplus so that really helped))
  5. Back in tekkit classic i used that energy converter thing to change it into EU, but now in this new tekkit, i don't know how to convert the MJ into RF (iv built a Combustion engine power plant for fun since i have tons apon tons of oil) if theres no way to convert it, are the redstone energy conduits compatible with the combustion engines?
  6. Thanks for the help, ill look into the compressed cobble stone since i currently have over 2 million cobblestone in storage
  7. What kinds of blast resistance stone is there? I remember from tekkit classic there was reinforced stone, but industrail craft isnt in this mod pack so im wonder if there's any other blast resistance stone in this modpack?
  8. i dont know where to put this so imma just put it here since i am useing the modpack, but i seem to have a problem with the quarryplus mod that iv added... it digs out the area fine and builds its frame just fine, but when its all ready it doesnt do anything... so why is it doing that?
  9. Hello. I am wonder if in tekkit if it was possible picking up spawners. or being able to achieve spawners to make an auto xp grinder with the grinder machine from mine factory reloaded. Thanks for the help!
  10. but we're useing a lan world... how might we use a start.bat...
  11. Me and my family has made a lan world and its all fine and dandy...but (i think) im the only one in that lan world that cant craft ANY of the power armour stuff. I always have to ask my step mom so craft this and that for my armour cause i cant serch up or craft any of the stuff. Anyone know why?
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