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  1. Ok so this was weird and I dont know why it happened lol, today me and the guys on my server were going to try and kill the enderdragon but when we jumped in the portal we all got teleported to random locations in the overworld via a nether portal one guy got taken nearly 100000 blocks away... Still I dont know if its a mod doing it or some weird bug? Thanks a lot
  2. For everyone's information I am opening up the server applications once again since it seems to be going well and we would like new people on! So post away everyone
  3. Hello again, For right now I am no longer taking applications to the server, I have PM'd those who got in and I'm sorry if you didn't, I may let more people in at a a later date. Thank you
  4. Hey all, I enjoy playing mods and have a small private server at the moment however I feel like I want more people on it soo in light of that i decided to open it up to 10 or so lucky individuals. I am hoping to establish a small server community where we can all have fun. It will be a fresh start world and nothing is restricted of banned, however please remember that this is my private server and if you do screw around too much (i.e just grief the hell out of something for no good reason) you are likely to be banned and I may take the entire server down altogether. This may seem harsh but I will be paying for the server so that we can all have fun and if this is to happen then it becomes a waste of my money. Now that's out of the way here is how you may apply to get on, reply to this post in the next week or so with: Your minecraft username One interesting fact about you Best thing you think you have built in vanilla (doesn't matter if you haven't played much I'm just curious) Best thing you have built using mods what kind of minecrafter are you (redstone/technical guy, adventurer, builder ect.) Please bear in mind not all applications will be successful since I will be hand picking the people. Finally if you feel like you have anything extra to say in your application it wont hurt to through it in at the end, also if this goes well I may open it to more people so don't feel bad if your application doesn't make it through its not the end of the world.
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