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  1. Well, im not too sure why that feature would be taken out... Well, I'll try the casting channels with older versions of TC tomorrow, or something, and see how it goes. Thanks for the help
  2. Well, its hard to believe that all this information I found is all wrong, including bdub's episode 3 (link) around 12:30, where he simply right clicks (I assume) to make the iron flow into the channel.
  3. I think you may be wrong here, since every wiki says that it can be used as a faucet if connected to a drain, and that it also continuously pours liquid until stopped unlike a faucet(which is the reason i need this). Also, if you google casting channels there are many youtube videos using it to pour molten metals to make ingots/blocks/tools/etc. But it seems like you also can't pour molten metals with a casting channel?
  4. So my casting channel won't start pouring out any liquids from my smeltery drain.... Is there something bugged with this, or am I doing something wrong? If i replace it with a faucet, it works fine, and I've heard that if you make the channel longer than 3 blocks long it sometimes fixes the problem, but that didnt work. Anyone have the same problem or have the solution?
  5. Without Food Plus the mana battery exists and has the correct recipe. Added food plus again, poof. No mana battery to be seen in NEI, seaweed is craftable
  6. Ok, this is really weird... I searched up mana battery in NEI in my modpack, and it seems this item doesnt even exist. In the configs the mana battery is set to item ID 770, but the seaweed is set to 514. I have no idea what's going on... Any recommended fixes?
  7. So I put together a modpack for myself and came across this.... Clearly Food Plus and Ars Magica had some problems.... What's this originally supposed to craft? And also, I don't recall these mods giving me too much trouble when I was messing with item ID conflicts. What would have caused this? Even though I didnt see any more, would/could there be more recipes that are messed up?
  8. Thanks for the quick response! I'll try it out right now Edit: Worked fine, now have a nice list of free IDs. Thanks again! P.S. I never knew this tool existed, and this would have been really nice when I was working with item ID conflicts before. heh
  9. So just trying to change my biome ID's for the mods I have in my pack, but the numbers in mods like Biomes O Plenty are so cluttered and not in order (it doesnt go from like 40-220 but has random numbers all cluttered) that I cannot simply look for individual numbers and change it that way. So I intend to just change it so that each mod has its own range of biome IDs (for example Biomes O Plenty 40-200, Tropicraft 201-210, etc), but im not so sure what the ID numbers I can use safely are, without conflicting with vanilla biome IDs or anything. I've also heard that you cannot use biome IDs ove
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