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  1. IGN: kindakovanko Why do you wish to join the server? to be around people that are doing lets plays and encourage people that do them to make more help out people on the server. How offten will you be on? work depending mostly weekends and before work how often will you create episodes? i would like atleast 1 vid very two days but depends how much i get time on the server. i havnt been making anyvideos but i would like to get back in to the the seen of lets plays. would you be interested in doing 'crossover' episode? sure would b good
  2. IGN: kindakovanko Age: 23 Location: Scotland Modpack Exp: not used attack of the b-team much but i have alot of knowledge of FTB Why you? i am 1/2 mad get on with everyone Anything extra you would add: i am thinking of doing LP's agen if that would be ok on your server or not?