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  1. Sorry for the no-audio. this was my first video, and i fixed the problem.
  2. IGN: mickeyd180 Because why the heck not? I like friendly people Probably about once or twice a week Yes, i will do crossover episodes.
  3. Hello! I'm Mickey! This looks like a lot of fun, so i'm going to apply. My minecraft name is mickeyd180, and i play with my friends often. My youtube is Mickey Games (link here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHfTzVcM4oYlzl1HUWzfymw ) I am willing to do LetsPlay My age is 13, but my friends say I sound younger lolz I make nice content (never swear, no dirty language, good quality) Why the heck wouldn't there be pranks? NO GRIEFERS
  4. Cool! IGN: mickeyd180 Crossover episodes?: Yes Skype: live:[email protected] YT:Mickey Games I would like to join because I have not met many Youtubers, and it would be a cool experience for me. I have experience in modding and some java, and although I am young for a YT, I still am a good one. Thank you, and I hope you pick me. P.S. MY first AOtBT is w/out sound and soloplay, but my friends would be more than willing to play w/. IGN: SteveSkisHH
  5. I am very interested in joining your server. I am 14 years old, and my IGN is mickeyd180. I know a lot about attack of the b team with the exception of galacticraft. It's so infuriating!(Skype: live:[email protected]) Thanks, Mickey
  6. Thanks, Talon, for whitelisting me. But can you add my friend, we are planning to do a Youtube series of B-Team on this server. MC Name: SteveSkisHH My YT Name: Mickey Games My MC Name: mickeyd180 (i'm already whitelisted)
  7. App: I've been looking for a mature and small server, especially modpack ones. This looks like a nice server! IGN: mickeyd180 Favorite Mod: Probably Tinker's Construct, Saint's Pack, or OpenBlocks. Builder, explorer, or tech genius?: I'm an explorer mostly. But I can be a great builder of houses, given time. Age: 14 YouTube: Mickey Games Please Whitelist me man!
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