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  1. Ok so I created a skin via copy and pasting two images together. I attempted to create a sort of TF2 medic with a Creepers head...the only problem is when I load the tekki launcher it shows my char on the side with a white blurr for a head, pictures shown. I cant tell if I will have that white block of a head in the game of if its only part of the launcher screen.
  2. I am playing on a server with two friends of mine, so if it is possible, how so? Because I would rather not lug millions of buckets back and forth.
  3. I have a bad feeling I might be posting this on the wrong forum but is it possible to transport a liquid the nether via teleportation pipes and if so how would I go about it as I would like to get oil to my storage area I have created in my nether base.
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