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  1. IGN: Blu3Spruc3 Age (You Must Be 13+): 20 Skype: wesley.carton (Real name, feel free to give me a buzz.) Did You Read The Rules: Indeed I did Why Do You Want To Join The Server: I really love this modpack and Iv'e been playing it a lot. I set up a private server just running of my LAN at my house for my two brothers, but I want to get onto a friendly server with other people that are around and willing to play as well. I am currently on a whitelisted vanilla server with about 25 other guys and they can be used as references if you guys are interested. I'm really looking forward to a responce if you guys get a chance! Thanks, Blu3 How Much Do You Know About This Modpack: Iv'e been following it and playing quite a while so I know quite a bit. The few things that I do not know include witchery, but I never really wanted to mess with that to be honest. Everything else though is in my horizon. Gender: Male
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