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  1. Got all the ranks and kits set up, adding some mods to the pack tonight which should be exciting. Journey Map, open blocks, and much much more Super duper exciting. Again let us know if there are any more suggestions
  2. For someone that has never player runescape, this mod certainly gives you a good intro
  3. Just went on the server for the first time, and it's really fun. the staff were really helpful and we made a great start. Go team omega
  4. Oh shush the home wasn't finished plus you had already built something in the back yard XDXDxD
  5. Akkilles there is a staff application section on our website www.evolvecraft.com in the bteam forums you have to be a dedicated player that's been on the server awhile :P
  6. It is, we now have our site B in the promised lands and can finally have our dinosaurs ;)
  7. Never used one. Was never a fan of dubstep, dont think the gun will change my mind XD
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