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  1. Use Steam Engines from Thermal Expansion. You need to use an Aqueous Accumulator to give them water and Coal to fuel them. Unless they have it turned off in the configuration tab, you need to provide a Redstone signal to turn them on. You could use a lot and connect them to the quarry with Redstone Energy Conduits later on, too.
  2. If OpenGL isn't working, then it's likely a problem with your graphics card. Can you play other modpacks fine?
  3. Try reducing the video settings in the options, eg. Fast Textures, Short Render Distance, No Bobbing, No Clouds, Minimal Particles, etc. Also if you have a 64 bit system try installing 64 bit Java and increasing the allocated RAM in the launcher setttings to 2GB.
  4. Also, just found this looking through the ForgeModLoader-client.log from the last time I attempted loading: 2014-03-20 22:46:13 [sEVERE] [ForgeModLoader] Fatal errors were detected during the transition from SERVER_ABOUT_TO_START to SERVER_STARTING. Loading cannot continue
  5. This happens to me as well, though no crash report just a frozen "Loading World" screen
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