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  1. Hello and welcome to the place of this brand new server. I'm looking for people to play with, and learn this new mod pack together with :-) The server is hosted from Denmark, timezone GMT +1 - so it will be best if you are around that timezone Server rules: Age 18+ (Due to youtube adult content, you MUST be 18+) no exception No spamming! Don't beg Don't ask for staff No minion griefing! (Use minions on your land only) Use common sense! Don't use in game chat to report a player.. if needed you must do it via. skype Application form: IGN: Age: Skype: Country: Why do you want to join the server? How long have you been playing Minecraft for? How often will you be online? Will you willing to help other players? About yourself: Have you read and agree the rules? You must send the application in a PM to Mission X